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About Me

Regardless of if you know me as Bill, Ozzredd, or The Mayor, I thank you for visiting and supporting my art career and adventures.  I enjoy stretching my creative boundaries and trying new things. Either my unique Pen on Paper drawing style, canvas painting, painting Miniature figures, or creative writing, I’m usually creating something or other.

Creative Goals

Now that I’ve gotten past my imposter syndrome and can accept that people really enjoy my art, I’m addicted to the feeling of sharing it.  Hearing someone’s thoughts about a piece or seeing where it hangs in their house brings a thrill that I cannot explain. 

My latest projects include: 

  • Expanding on my painting skills while continuing to integrate my Zen Doodles into them. 

  • Creating time-boxed, yet highly detailed drawings with the intent of publishing them on various clothing. 

  • Expanding my reach to retail through wholesale opportunities

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