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What is a Zen Doodle?

In my opinion, a Zen Doodle is a drawing where the artist's intent is not to create a specific image, but rather a feeling. I believe this can be broken down into two categories: 'Mandala-esque' & Automatic drawing

'Mandala-esque' incorporates traditional Mandalas and Zen Tangles. These typically have many repeating characteristics and patterns. The outcomes often have a sense of harmony due to their symmetry and detailed patterns. 

Automatic Drawing, is very similar to Automatic Writing, where the artist is not concerned with the specifics of any particular part of the drawing. Instead, artists add ink or paint in various, random ways to bring overall harmony to the piece of art. By adding lines of various weights, circles & dots of various sizes, and leaving negative space between them; balance is found, shades develop, and images that only the imagination can find will emerge from the surface. 

My Zen Doodle Process

My style is all about the automatic drawing. Over the years, I've learned to balance positive and negative space by using combinations of dots, lines, and irregular squiggles. I believe the nuanced alteration of line weights lends a distinct character to my art, setting it apart from others. 

When done best, I use my Zen Doodle methods to help me concentrate on things such as meetings, podcasts, and discussions. I've found that I cannot force it. Despite the seemingly random nature of the process, attempts to draw when uninspired often result in equally uninspired outcomes

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