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The Evolution of a Zen Doodler: From Margins to Masterpieces

In the calm corners of day-to-day routine, where the humdrum met the pen, my journey as a Zen Doodler began. It was in the margins of notebooks and on fleeting sticky notes that my pen first danced to the rhythm of automatic drawing, a process untouched by the overthinking mind, as fluid and spontaneous as thought itself. The doodles were humble, unassuming, yet they carried within them a seed of expression that yearned for a broader canvas.


The year 2016 marked the first significant turn in my artistic journey. Encouraged by unexpected appreciation, I bought my first sketchbook, a blank canvas that promised endless possibilities. It was here that I started delving deeper into the realms of what my doodles could evolve into. Each page turned was a step towards self-discovery, towards refining a style that was uniquely mine.

Inspiration, as I learned, has many faces.

In 2018, a simple venture to a wine and paint event unfolded a new dimension of creativity. Mixing colors, feeling the brush against canvas, it was a playful rendezvous with the child within, reminding me of the boundless joy creation brings. This playful encounter spurred a yearning to explore painting, to blend the abstract with the vivid, the monochrome with the colorful.


Fast forward to 2022, a year of blending horizons. The urge to meld my drawing style with painting took a serious turn. Experimenting with acrylic paints and markers, I embarked on a new voyage of blending the defined with the abstract, the strokes with the hues. It was an endeavor to bring the best of both worlds onto a canvas, to create a symphony of doodles and colors that tell stories beyond words.

The year 2019 saw a flourish of my pen drawings, now breathing on larger 18x24 inch pages. This expansion wasn’t just in size, but in depth and expression. It was the year the 1st Conscience Series came to life, marking a milestone in mastering my personal style of Zen Doodle. Each stroke, each swirl was now a signature, a narrative that was as intricate as it was profound.

My art is an ongoing journey, a meditative exploration that transcends the boundaries of pen, paint, and paper. Each creation is a reflection of this journey, a blend of spontaneity and contemplation, a voyage from the margins of notebooks to the heart of expression. Through the swirls, strokes, and colors, I continue to explore, to express, and to evolve as a Zen Doodler, with each day painting a new stroke in the canvas of my artistic journey.

In the modern age, where art meets technology, my journey finds resonance. Being a techie at heart, I have always been intrigued by the boundless potentials that technology can unravel, even in the realm of creative expression. This narrative, too, is a testament to that synergy. With a little help from ChatGPT, an AI developed by OpenAI, my original musings found a refined voice.

Here's a glimpse of my narrative in its raw essence: "I use automatic drawing with pen and paper to create the doodles. It started off in the margins of notebooks and on sticky notes. After some random and unexpected feedback, in 2016 I bought my first sketch book and began to delve into what else I could create. In 2018, I went to a wine And paint and had a great time. Feeling like a child again, mixing colors was a blast and inspired me to begin learning how to paint. In 2019, I refined my pen drawings and expanded to using 18x24 inch pages. That year, I created the 1st conscience series and began to really 'master' my personal style of zendoodle. In 2022, I began to serious attempt to mix painting and my drawing style by mixing acrylic paintings with acrylic paint markers."


In melding the realms of art and technology, I found a new harmony, a new way to share the essence of my journey. As I continue to explore the confluence of doodling, painting, and digital realms, every day unfolds a new chapter in this enthralling narrative.

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